Scandinavian colours

You’ve probably seen Scandinavian interiors all over Pinterest: lots of white, grey and neutral tones dropped in a very minimalist interior. We all love it. It’s peaceful and chic, it just feels right and you don’t have to think too much about what’s matching or not.

What colours come to mind when you think of Scandi style?

Everything works out just great and you sometimes wonder where the hell people put their kids’ toys?! Because the idea of Scandinavian interior is based on a “less is more” living, so we don’t want that little yellow banana teddy bear toy in the middle of the living room. No. Please no. We’ve got no space or time or energy for that! It’s all about neutral tones, storage and clean lines… Sorry kiddo.
However, we’ve seen how neutral tones have started to welcome new colours in the Scandinavian colour scheme.
Warm oak and dusty pink have made an entrance in Scandinavian interiors and I am not mad at it because we are finally seeing a bit more life in this Scandi monochrome palette.

So my next question is: how do you balance the neutral tones with those two colours?
Think of oak and pink as a way to compliment the minimalist aesthetic you’re after. You first need to transfer your neutrals in the core elements of your home like on the walls, doors, cabinets and other important furniture. You can then implement the colours into two to three elements.
This can be cushions, light fittings or art. Just a touch of colour that takes ownership of a small portion of the neutral space. As soon as you start to incorporate these colours into a larger scale (via a rug for instance), you start losing the clean and minimalist atmosphere you were aiming for.

Remember: less is more, so think small when you think of colour implementation for your Scandi home. I like to give the vision of a painter using a brush to splash paint on a white wall. The white canvas is still predominant. The colours are there, but in certain areas. You can spot them, but they are not too obvious. It’s the same principle for neutral tones and colours.

Scandi colours are also about contrast: black, navy blue and other dark neutral tones such as iron grey, which can be used with light tones to achieve the Scandinavian palette and give some depth to your interior.

My final advice to elevate your minimalist atmosphere is to involve a mix of textures to give some character and sophistication to your interior: that involves different fabrics for your rug, cushion or sofa blanket.

Scandi products I love

Luna sofa by Heal’s £4299

Throw by Hay £169

Bubble Saucer Pendant Light by Herman Miller £441

Sigga rug by Linie Design £949

CH24 Wishbone Chair by Carl Hansen £685

Icelandic Sheepskin rug by The Organic sheep £130

Join us and be part of this wonderful colour community! Leave a comment and tell me your thoughts about this article!

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