Pantone colour of the year 2020

Pantone shared its 2020 colour of the year! After 2019 vivid coral colour of the year, we are now working with a much more peaceful and calming tone: Classic Blue.


Its depth naturally generates a sense of calmness and self-consistency. It is a colour that doesn’t need much around to exist. Unpretentious but yet very present, classic blue communicates a certain sense of strength and inner peace. It looks familiar and here is why.

Blue has always been a colour we’ve engaged with. It is the colour of the sky and the sea: two areas that dominate our field of view. That is perhaps the reason why it has consistently been elected the world’s favourite colour according to research.

Blue has therefore this inner ability to communicate and travel easily from one space to another, one person to another, without being too noticed. However, it is important to remember that blue can also communicate two opposite feelings.

On one hand blue can suggest serenity, reflection, clarity as well as honesty and integrity.
It communicates a trusted aura. No wonder why LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Barclays have chosen this colour to represent their brand. On the other hand, blue can come across as cold and distant.
It can refer to traditions and conservatism, a sense of authority and order like the police or the navy.
So where does our Classic Blue fit in? Does it imply seriousness and distance or does it communicate an approachable and soothing feeling?

The warm tones of Classic blue makes the colour more influential than it looks. Take a look at the colour for 5 seconds and you will notice how its depth projects a sense of concentration, focus and energy.
It stimulates the brain in the most productive way. Contrary to a bright red that communicates an energy that implies a reaction from us, Classic Blue promotes the idea of creative thinking, friendly conversations and meaningful engagements.

Where can I apply Classic Blue?

Classic Blue is the perfect colour for office spaces: it’s a colour that demands calmness but productive interactions. It suggests rather than imposes. It demands reflection rather than reaction.
It is also another great colour to boost confidence and communication for and around you. You could have some touches of Classic Blue in your living room to present a familiar and trusted space to your guests- where one is free to speak and express an opinion.

Which colours go with Classic Blue?

The light tones

– Light Grey
– Cream
– Baby Pink

These colours will soften and balance the depth of Classic Blue. They will maximise the feeling of calmness that Classic Blue suggest and reinforce serenity in the room.

The dark tones

– Terracota
– Burgundy
– Forest Green

These three colours will make the room stand out and increase the energy and vibrance you are after. They could be integrated in the room via furniture such as sofas and chairs.

Classic Blue is above all an uplifting colour that everyone can engage with!

Join us and be part of this wonderful colour community! Leave a comment and tell me your thoughts about this article!

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