How to choose the right colour for your interior?

Choosing a colour for your interior can be a painful process. It’s like going to the shop feeling hungry and not really knowing what kind of food you fancy. You really want something comforting and yummy but you feel overwhelmed by the possibilities and choices that are in front of you. In this scenario, I’ll just buy a bit of everything as the hunger is not easing the decision process but when it comes to choosing a colour, it can be a bit more complex as no one really loves the idea of coming home with six different paint pots.

Here are a few tips that can help you choose THE colour that works for YOUR home


To help you create the mood that works for your room, define the activities and functions of the room:

– Are you going to work there?
– Is it a room that aims to welcome several people or is it a personal space?
– How much time are you spending in this room?
– Is this room for you or your guests?

These answers will considerably ease your colour decision process as they will help you realise how you want the space to feel and be used. If you realise that this space is essentially going to be for you, take your pen and list a few keywords that reflect the vision you have for this room:

– Calm
– Social
– Motivation
– Fun


Consider the available space you have in your room and look at how the other rooms connect with the one you want to decorate. I find this tip quite useful because we often see our rooms as separate spaces when they are all very much connected with each other.

See how you navigate between the difference spaces and make sure that what you see first and last when you enter/exit in the room. Make sure it feels natural when you move from one space to another and consider what colour you will see first and last when you enter/exit the room when you choose the colour you want to implement in the your room.


The light in your interior can affect the final look of your chosen colour. Check how the light behaves in your room at different times of the day, consider the direction of your room and evaluate how your colour reacts to natural and artificial light.

– North-facing rooms will welcome a cool light which can be a good thing for darker tones or bright colours as it will soften their rich tones.

South-facing rooms will benefit from a continuous warm light throughout the day, which is great news for neutral and light tones to encourage the feeling of light and space from dawn until dusk.

– West-facing rooms will mainly receive light in the afternoon, so your colour will experience shadier tones in the morning. Light pink will adapt very well to this situation.

East-facing rooms will receive bright natural light in the morning and a cooler light as the day goes by. Green and blue tones are ideal for this type of room.


It’s a “if you never try, you never know” kind of thing. Buy a few samples of the colours you are hesitating with (no more than three) and test it in your interior. If you’re committed to paint your room any time soon, I would apply the paint directly on the wall. The larger the section the better to evaluate the colour, so don’t be shy!

I would also recommend to test your colour on several walls to see how the colour changes during the day. Apply two coats of paint to see the final look in situation.


It sounds like a simple advice but it is so true: there is so much content on Instagram, Pinterest and so many new trends that emerge every year that it’s easy to get lost and confused about what we like!

Don’t force the Mint colour trend on you if you feel it’s not you thing and above all, follow your instinct! You’ll be surprise at how our first instinct keeps coming back at us no matter what we are looking at. So trust your feeling and don’t let anyone impose something on you if you feel it’s not “you”.

Join us and be part of this wonderful colour community! Leave a comment and tell me your thoughts about this article!

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