Let’s face it. We are often overwhelmed when it comes to colours. There are so many options and it’s hard to define which colour is going to best reflect how YOU want to see yourself or YOUR interior. This blog is all about breaking the assumptions we have about colours. It’s about showing you how to use, combine and approach colours in a fun, interactive and stress-free way!

L A U R E x F A R L E Y

Interior Designer and Colour Lover

Previously in Marketing, I changed my career path four years ago to become an Interior Designer. It wasn’t easy at the start but I have learned so much, met incredible talented people and worked on amazing interior projects that allowed me to become the designer I am today.

Colours have always been a thing for me.
I can clearly remember long afternoons spent with my colouring books and the times I stole the A4 paper my mum just bought for the printer. Using colours made me happy and this blog is all about that: showing you how to best use, select and involve colours in your daily life to reach what I call the “unforeseen happiness”.

This blog will reshape the assumptions and questions we have about colours. It’s about letting go the fears and “risk feeling” we all have experienced when it comes to choosing a colour.